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Simple really I wanted to have control within the platform I am used to with my actual website.

I have been so happy with Weebly over the years, I do not know why I ever did my blog elsewhere.

I wanted to start adding HD video to my blog on a regular basis, in WordPress it is $99 p.a.

In Weebly it is simple and free to do.

I do not have the skills to work in so Weebly is for me.

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My Latest work

Hi all I just wanted to share a few images belonging to my latest small study. This wonderful American Bison was referenced on a trip to Yellowstone NP with artist friends back in 2003 if I remember correctly. On a painting trip With Matt Hillier, Lindsey Fogget and John Mullane. A gang of four we had great fun in and around this famous the the very first National Park created in the United States.

10 days came and went so fast and many stories abounded as a result, I have very fond memories.

Anyway that all said I finally created a colour sketch of my first Bison. ( I do like to consider my painting for a while). It has only taken 11 or more years. 

The details are an oil on board, 11″ x 14″. A sketch that I hope will in time become the basis of a new and much larger painting. I hope that and have always wanted to include the Geysers of the park within its design and final composition.

Here are the various stages  for you to see.

Buff 1

buff 2

buff 3

buff near done

Buffalo final sm

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A new Pastel

This new work is still in progress and has a way to go yet

Having just finished my new plein air pastel box, well modified my fairly new EasyL box to be fair.

I have been waiting for the weather to change and at least give me some sun.

Well so much for that, I could not wait any longer, so as I was waiting for my Tiger cubs to dry I decided to set up my plein air kit in the studio for a session. Why not a pastel plein air in my studio, cheating well ok, but I have at least test driven my new kit and seen how well it works. In short I am very pleased, the modifications have been successful.

This is a view from Wyoming when I visited it a few years back with my artist friend Greg Beecham.

It is still very much a work in progress a 9″ x 12″ Uart panel and Unison pastels.

I will post the finished painting later

More work can be seen on my website at


New Painting on the Easel







Tiger Cubs

No working title as yet

This is my latest painting in oil on the easel a 16″ x 24″ oil upon canvas 

These two little ones were referenced at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden UK in 2012.

This is after the first few days of work, all blocked in. I am now going to start glazing in details over the next few days.

I shall post as I go, I hope that you enjoy seeing this work evolve to its conclusion.




Now the details from the second painting day,



all not too obvious as yet. I have been building and glazing and as always working over the entire canvas at once, thus bringing it up together. I believe it creates a unity overall.

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Italian Dogs and Puppies

Hi everyone, yesterday I had a small package drop onto my door mat from my publishers. Inside there were four new copies of my 2012 book , painting dogs and puppies.

Only these copies have been translated into Italian…..

What a lovely thing and although I do not speak Italian, i love to hear it, and think it is a great language.

A lovely surprise

Italian search press dogs

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The Kindness of people

The kindness of some people.
I had a new visitor to my gallery on saturday, and after a chat and the prospect of the gentleman becoming a client. We discovered we both had a huge love of Edward Seago, among many others. I have collected and continue to collect books a by and about Edward ( Ted) Seago.

This very kind man stated that he had a book that I might like to see, and I was very excited at the prospect.
After a few minutes he added that he was downsizing and would be happy to give me this book… Now i did not even know what the book was except it was ‘Seago’. My jaw dropped. and thanked the man.
He would drop it in next time he came through, hey guess what 2 hours later there he was in my studio once more.
Not only with a copy of James Reid’s book about Seago, but also a book on Pissarro.

What an extremely lovely chap. and a very kind heart. He made my weekend… I don’t even know his name! How bad is that. Our chat was so full on and I was so excited that such simple formalities were overlooked.
He will be back in very soon and that will all change.

Lion Cub Demonstration


Lion Cub


The provisional drawing was transferred and enhanced upon a surface media of 500 grit Uart pastel board. This beige colour allows for me to layer my lights and darks more easily. Then I applied a mix of darks in browns warm tones and greens to the out of focus background.


Day 2 saw me really getting into the eye and facial elements of this tiny little fella. I also extended the background down into the mid ground with lighter and cool values. These were in stark contrast to the background.


Day 3 more of the same I guess, gently forming the cubs coat and rear portions. Showing such tones and contrasts between warm and cool values, subtle changes that mean everything in the rendering. It was very different to using a brush and oils to do the same thing. Dry medium is unique in as much as one places pigment and mixes upon the surface of the work. Whereas in wet mediums one generally mixes upon a palette.


Day 4 saw me finally cover all the coloured ground of the media. As exciting a moment this was, it meant an end to the areas of generalised block in. The real work of refining had begun in preparation to the final conclusion of this painting. As throughout it has been and always will be the tensions created between warm and cool and complimentary values that make my work what it is.


This is the last stage of the painting and the end is well in sight. Subtle changes now take place and in many places will be very hard to spot. Others such as some foreground entities will be more in evidence. Though each change is in its own way significant, however small it appears. This is it then, the lion cub is the offspring of the Lioness above, and I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into my working process.

This work is now to be photographed and made ready for sale. If anyone is interested in owning this little fella please get in contact with me without obligation.

I do hope that you have enjoyed this small demo and insight into how I create a pastel painting.

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Limited Edition Fine Art Christmas Print sale

That is correct I have introduced a sale of all my prints online and at my studio in Hythe.

A massive


off of the main prices.

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